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Texas County

E.T. Guymon

Edward T. Guymon was born in Illinois in 1859. At 21 he moved to McPherson, Kansas from Coatsburg Illinois. Story is he sold a cow for $22 to pay his fare west. He loaded coal for the Santa Fe…


Love County

Love County

Love County has a rich historical significance to Oklahoma and the nation. Carved from the Louisiana Purchase and acquired from the Choctaw Nation by the Chickasaw Nation, the county was named …


McClain County

Purcell Train Station

Purcell Train Station Amtrak The Heartland Flyer operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year. . Located in the Heart of Oklahoma, Purcell’s history dates back to 1887 when the town became an i…


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Updated: 09/09/2022 12:05
Wagoner County

Chief Pushmataha

Choctaw Indians made hunting expedition from Mississippi to this region, Jan. 1807, led by famous Chief Pushmataha. Camped east on Verdigris River was Joseph Bogy, French trader among Osages, w…


Updated: 09/09/2022 11:52
Wagoner County

Texas Road (The Shawnee Trail)

Texas Road: The most Ancient and important trail through Oklahoma. --- Three Forks: At the head of navigation of the Verdigris River the oldest trading post in Oklahoma dating from 1812. …


Updated: 09/09/2022 11:27
Wagoner County


Became Indian Territory's first incorporated town Jan. 4, 1896 under Mansfield's Digest of the Laws of Arkansas. The citizens (about 2,000) sought to form a city government to provide improveme…


Updated: 03/02/2022 15:10
McIntosh County

Alexander Posey

Birthplace: 2½ miles N.E., 1873. Creek Poet: "Dew and the Bird," "Ode to Sequoyah," and other poems. Columnist: famous "Fus Fixico" letters. Editor, "Muskogee Times" and Eufaula 'Indian Journa…


Updated: 03/02/2022 15:08
McIntosh County

North Fork Town

About 1.5 mi. East. Important center on Texas Road in Creek Nation, from 1836. Post office established as Micco, 1853. Albert Pike secured treaties for Confederate States, signed here, 1861, …


Updated: 03/02/2022 14:48
McIntosh County


This is one of thirteen All-Black towns, out of more than fifty that once existed, remaining in Oklahoma. While Tullahassee is reportedly the oldest, most were established between 1889 and 1907…


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