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Oklahoma Historic Place of the Day

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Apache Veterans Memorial Park

This monument is dedicated as a humble tribute for the service and sacrifices made by the men and women of Apache who served in the armed forces of the United states during peace and in war. We the citizens of Apache salute and thank our soldier, marines, sailors, airmen and coast guardsmen for their honorable faithful loyal and dedicated service to God and Country

Located in Caddo County, Oklahoma.


Today in Oklahoma History

Monday, June 12, 2006

Oklahoma Spaceport Receives License

The Licensing and Safety Division of the Commercial Space Transportation Division of the FAA Carole Flores signs the Launch Site Operator License for Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority. more...

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September 25, 2023

The Cherokee Advocate

The Cherokee Advocate was a newspaper for the Cherokee Nation at Tahlequah, Indian Territory, from 1844 to 1906.


September 25, 2023

Beckham County

About Oklahoma. Beckham County is in western Oklahoma along the Texas border.