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Dinosaur Tracks

Located on private property, dinosaur tracks have been preserved in sandstone creek beds and are available for viewing during daylight hours. Be sure to walk down into the creek bed to see two sets of tracks.

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Melvin B. Tolson

Melvin B. Tolson 1898 - 1966. A Black Poet Lived Here. Poet Laureate of Liberia. Marker by Creative Writing Club.

Fort Supply Historic Site

Established as Camp Supply in 1868 in the western part of the Cherokee Outlet, this supply base served General Philip Sheridan's winter campaign against hostile Indian tribes of the southern Great Plains. The fort was also responsible for protecting the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservations from incursions by whites, and for protecting travelers and southern Kansas from hostile tribes. The camp's ...

Boggy Depot Station

Butterfield Overland Mail Site of Boggy Depot Here was located a stage stand of the Butterfield Overland Mail Rount, under act of congress, March 3, 1857. First mail stage arrived here in september 1858, enroute to San Francisco. Service continued until the outbreat of the War Between The States. Oklahoma Historical Society, 1953

Quanah Parker - The Last Comanche Chief

Quanah Parker the last of the Comanche chief was born in Elk Creek just below the Wichita mountains circa 1850. Quanah, the son of Pitih Norony and Cynitha Ann Parker who was captured by the Comanches, became a fierce warrior and skillfully defended Comancheria against all invades. Col. Ronald McKenzie pursued Quanah for years but never captured or defeated him. The destruction of the buffalo ...


The domain of the Comanches from early 1700's to Mid 1800's. Reached from the foot hills of the Rockies to New Mexico. Eastward to the cross timbers of Texas and Oklahoma and from the Arkansas River to Kansas, south to the Texas Pecos River, Rio Grande area. The Nation was 600 miles from north and south, 400 miles from East to West. Among the 1st Plains Indians to acquire horses from Spani ...


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The Oklahoma Historic Places Database is an on going project started on May 19, 2005. The information provided here was entered in by volunteers who visited or did research about each location. Some historic places may not have any information yet or even be listed. Though we strive for accuracy, some information could be incorrect.

The Oklahoma Historical Society (www.okhistory.org) provides a list on their web site of all the historic markers in Oklahoma. However at the time we started this project this list only contained the name of the marker and which county it was in. We used this list (as of February 16, 2005) to seed the Oklahoma Historic Places Database. (If you would like a copy of our seed list, visit here.)

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