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Alikchi Court Ground

Commemorates Choctaw District Court site where justice dispensed in 19th century.*

Barnes-Steverson House

T.J. Barnes came to Indian Territory in 1898 to practice law. With statehood, Barnes became the first county judge for McCurtain county. He was also a banker and newspaper man. In 1911, Barnes began the process of constructing a new res ...

Beavers Bend State Park

Towering timbers, crystal clear waters and mountainous terrain form what is affectionately referred to as Oklahoma's "Little Smokies." With a Riverbend area featuring acres of events and recreational programs, these parks are an outdoor ...

Chitto Harjo, Creek Patriot

Grave here. Died April 11. 1911. Age 65. Called "Crazy Snake," he led against allotment of Creek lands. Fearing "Snake Uprising", U. S. deputies went to arrest Harjo who eluded them. He came away wounded, and died here in the ho ...

Clear Creek Water Mill

Water powered grist mill in operation on clear creek earl as 1819 by white settlers in old Miller County Arkansas Territory. New mill built in 1837 by Choctaw Joel Kemp. A later owner replaced crude undershot wheel with turbine-type whi ...

Cyrus Byinton (Rev.)

Commemorates missionary who served among Choctaws and had major role in developing written Choctaw language.*


First settlement by Choctaws after arrival from Mississippi over "Trail of Tears" 1832. Bethabara Mission established here by missionary Loring S. Williams who was postmaster when Eagle Town post office opened July 1, 1834. Court ground ...

Elliott Academy

Established here in 1869 as Oak Hill Industrial Academy by Presbyterian Board of Missions as boarding school for children of Choctaw Freedmen. Academy succeeded small school begun in 1860 by ex-slave and Presbyterian Minister Charles W. ...

Gardner Mansion

Tells story of this home of Choctaw Chief Jefferson Gardner, which was built in 1884.*

Garland Cemetery

Small cemetery nearby contains graves of Choctaw chief Samuel Garland (1862 – 64) and family members including his mother-in-law, Sophie Pitchlynn. Peter Pitchlynn, son of Sophie and John Pitchlynn, was chief 1864 -- 66. Garland migrate ...

Harris House

Built on Harris Ferry Road in 1867 by Judge Henry Churchhill Harris. Choctaw leader, jurist and diplomat, who established ferry on Red River prior to Civil Ward. Post office Opened As Harris May 22, 1894. House was centered in Pleasant ...

Harris Mill Cemetery

Marks cemetery which is the only remaining evidence of the plantation and extensive enterprises of Harris brothers pre-Civil War period.*


Prehistoric hunters left spear points along the Mountain Fork River at Hochatown around 6,000 B.C. Caddo Indians occupied the area from 1,000–1791 A.C. The town was named for a Choctaw Indian, Hocha, who arrived on the Trail of Tears in ...

Magnolia Mansion

Built in 1910 by Federal Judge L. A. Spaulding, the Spaulding-Olive House (aka Magnolia Mansion) was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Military Road - Choctaw Trail of Tears

Cut from Washington, Ark., to Fort Towson in 1831 for removal of Choctaws from Miss., became known is Choctaw Trail of Tears after thousands of suffering Indians used it to reach new lands. Road served as major east-west artery for Choc ...

Miller Courthouse

Commemorates old Miller County, Arkansas territory, 1820-1828 which included what is now McCurtain County located on the Red River southwest of Idabel.*

Museum of the Red River

The Museum's collections feature archaeological artifacts of the the Caddo and Choctaw, Precolumbian objects from Middle and South America, modern and contemporary native arts and crafts from throughout the Americas, and a cast skeleton ...

Pecan Point

Early Methodist Circuit. This was an area on both sides of Red River where, in 1818, Rev. Wm. Stevenson, Methodist preacher, held the first Protestant church services in what is now Oklahoma. The region north of Red River was Choctaw co ...


Tells story of early settlement of Shawnee Indians southwest of present Idabel: land later became part of large plantation operated by Choctaw, Robert M. Jones.*


Formerly Hatobi (Man-Killer in Choctaw), renamed in 1890 for pioneer Joshua Smith. Center of Choctaw settlement and activity in early period. Olsom training school here 1921-33. Named for Choctaw minister Willis Folsom, W.B. Hubbell sup ...

Waterhole Cemetery

This first community type cemetery in McCurtain county was begun and used first by two Choctaw families a burial ground for over 100 years it later included pioneers of all races.

Wheelock Mission

Established 1832 by Rev. Alfred Wright and wife Harriet, who served as missionaries to Choctaws over 30 years. Rev. Wright, physician and linguist, helped develop written Choctaw language, translated gospels and much educational materia ...

McCurtain County

McCurtain County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Idabel, OK 74745

Wikipedia: McCurtain County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for McCurtain County, Oklahoma

McCurtain County was named in honor of a prominent Choctaw family, three of whom had served as principal chiefs of the tribe.