Garfield County

County Seat: Enid, Oklahoma 73701

Garfield County was named after President James A. Garfield.


Buffalo Springs
Buffalo Springs On the Old Chisholm Trail, 1/3 mi. west. From this noted watering place came the name of "Bison," 1 mi. so., "Buffalo Springs" was the camp site of Pat Hennessey and his men just before the were massacred, 7 mi. so., July 4, 1874. Next day, a war band of Indians was ...
Buffalo Springs Trading Post and Ranch
Buffalo Springs Trading Post and Ranch One half mile due west of the location stood Buffalo Springs Trading Post, Ranch, and Stagecoach stand. This sketch of the ranch was made by Adolph Hunnius. A surveyor, in 1876. Buffalo Springs was a well - used stop for drovers and herds along this ...
Cherokee Strip
Cherokee Strip Opened by Run, Sept. 16, 1983. On line here, 15,000 waited for carbine signal fired by cavalryman at High Noon, Lt. C. A. Hedekin, commanding Troop A., U.S. Cav. Race from land started from post on knoll half mile west, by wagon, buggy, bicycle, horse and train. In 60 ...
Douglas, (I.T.) Oklahoma
Douglas, 5 miles S.W. of Covington, OK, was first named Onyx but about 9 years later, with the promotion by the Frantz brothers of Enid of the building of the Santa Fe Railroad between Enid and Guthrie, the name was changed to Douglas, February 25,1903, honoring Edmund Frantz's son. The town ...
Northwestern Academy
Northwestern Academy Carrier, Oklahoma Territory 1898 Northwestern Academy was financed in part and sponsored by the Congregational Home Missionary Society of Boston, Massachusetts, through the initiative, leadership and dedication of a few Carrier citizens and contributions of money, m ...
Run of '89 - North Boundary
Run Of '89 North Boundary. At the opening of "Old Oklahoma," April 22, 1889, this was the north line for the Run starting at 12 o'clock noon. Prairies and hills in the 2,000,000 acre tract, south, were peopled by tens of thousands, homes were planted and tent cities sprang up before nightfall.