Cherokee Strip

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Cherokee Strip

Opened by Run, Sept. 16, 1983.On line here, 15,000 waited forcarbine signal fired by cavalrymanat High Noon, Lt. C. A. Hedekin, commandingTroop A., U.S. Cav. Race from landstarted from post on knoll half milewest, by wagon, buggy, bicycle, horse and train. In 60 by 90 mile area, everyacre occupied by nightfall. The firstsettlers reached Enid from here.


On U.S. Highway 81, near the Garfield-Kingfisher county linesouth of Bison, Garfield County.*

36.16400, -97.89012
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Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)
Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)



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Run Of '89 North Boundary and Cherokee Strip

Run Of '89 North Boundary Run Of '89 North Boundary

Run Of '89 North Boundary

At the opening of "Old Oklahoma," April 22, 1889, this was the north line for the Run starting at 12 o'clock noon. Prairies and hills in the 2,000,000 acre tract, south, were peopled by tens of thousands, homes were planted and tent cities sprang up before nightfall.

Links: * Directions and information from Mark of Heritage, by Muriel H. Wright.

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