Chief Bugler's Grave

Chief Bugler's Grave
On Lake Shore
On 5 March 1869 William Gruber, Lad of 20 of Topeka, KANS., Chief Bugler of 19th Kans. Cav was killed in hunting accident while his regiment in bivouac with supply train. Gruber "a favorite of everybody" was buried at dawn with "honors of war."
Oklahoma Historical Society, 1959


On grounds between Quartz Mountain Lodge and Lake Altus, Quartz Mountain State Park, Kiowa County. (Marker not there, see notes *)


This marker was not found


This is the grave site of William Gruber, the chief bugler of the Nineteenth Kansas Cavalry, who was accidentally killed on March 5, 1869, while the regiment was bivouacked nearby.

* The marker as of 9/4/05 is not up. It was said to be located behind the Quartz Mountain Lodge next to a willow tree between the lodge and the lake. When they rebuilt the Lodge after a fire in February 1995, they took the marker down because of all the construction. The marker is believed to be in a storage room at the Lodge.


OK Historical Marker - Chief Bugler's Grave - detail
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