Clear Creek Water Mill

Water powered grist mill in operation on clear creek earl as 1819 by white settlers in old Miller County Arkansas Territory. New mill built in 1837 by Choctaw Joel Kemp. A later owner replaced crude undershot wheel with turbine-type which also powered cotton gin. John Prince acquitted mill site in 1909, updated machinery and replaced log dam with concrete. Drilled two artesian wells and supplied water to town of Valliant for many years. Adjacent swimming pool was favorite recreational facility. Mill ceased operation about 1944, swimming pool closed 1962. Remnants of mill remain. Tradition holds that two black slaves, Wallace and Minerva Willis, first gave voice to renowned Negro spirituals such as Swing Low, Sweet Chariot on nearby Plantation.

Oklahoma Historical Society 196-1995
south side of US 70, just east of N450, near Valliant, OK
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Exploring Oklahoma History
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