Younger's Bend

Formerly a strong southerly bend in the Canadian River was located here. The course of the river was permanently changed after the construction of the Lake Eufaula Dam in 1964. It is thought that the bend is named for Cole Younger who served in the Civil War as a member of Quantrill's Raiders and operated in this area 1862-64. After the war, Cole Younger and his brothers would join Frank and Jesse James to form the James-Younger Gang. Although visited by many other famous Outlaws of the time, Younger's Bend is best known as the home of Sam and Belle Starr 1880-1889. Both lived here until the separate events of their untimely deaths. It remains the quiet final resting place of Belle Starr. "On the Canadian River...far from society, I hoped to pass the remainder of my life in peace." - Belle Starr Oklahoma Historical Society 2013 Dr. Ron and Donna Hood
On Highway 71 south of Lake Eufaula Dam on north side of the Canadian River and east side of road. Marker in front of trail head to Belle Starr's grave site.
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