Delmar Garden

Delmar Garden
This marker is located in the heart of the area where the largest and most lavish amusement park in the history of Oklahoma once stood. Delmar Garden extended westward from Reno and Western and covered 140 acres. It opened in 1903 and operated through the summer of 1910. It was developed by John and Peter Sinopoulo. The Sinopoulo brothers later became the city's principal theater owners. Delmar Garden was host to many regional and national meetings including the national editorial convention and an early attempt at a constitutional convention. The park boasted an outdoor theater seating twelve hundred people, a scenic railway, dance hall, beer garden, swimming pool, baseball park and a race track. Oklahoma Historical Society 1980.


386 S. Klein Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Marker is In front of Farmers Public Market building (south west corner).


* photo provided by Dennis McGill


* photo provided by Dennis McGill