Antlers Tornado

On April 12 , 1945, at 5:20 pm, a tornado first touched down southwest of town near the Hall community. At 5:45 pm, one of the most devastating tornadoes in the history of the state struck the city of Antlers with a of nearly one half mile wide. Entering the southwest part of the city and going through to the northeast destroying with few exceptions every physical object in its path. A total of 69 people eventually died as a result of injuries received in the storm. A total of 243 people were injured, 375 homes were destroyed, 250 buildings were destroyed, 254 buildings were destroyed, 200 more homes and buildings were damaged. Leaving 1500 people homeless. After leaving Antler's, the tornado continued northeast until it struck creek and then on to the area and eventually to Wister and on in to Arkansas.

Pushmatah County Historical Society

(Image on bottom of marker, Pushmataha County, Tornado, Map showing path)
Antlers, Oklahoma
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