God's Little Angels Memorial

1st marker:

"God's Little Angels"

Artist - Elouise DeGiacomo
Inspired by God
"We Are all Someone's child."

2nd Marker:

Shall We Gather

Shall we gather at the angel
as we bow our head and pray
Remembering all the dear souls
Gone as we boldly find our way
joining hearts and hands
with peace and love
a sheltered song and praise
without any differences or prejudice
we strive one day to know,
to see, to share.

Laura Lee Britton

Photo and text courtesy of Loretta and Charles Donaghe
Chadick Park,
400 S. 3rd Street
McAlester, OK
Exploring Oklahoma History
Exploring Oklahoma History
Memorial to the children who were killed in the Murrah Building bombing, in Oklahoma City.



Thank you Loretta and Charles for your pictures - Carleta