Stanley Draper

He dreamed impossible dreams....then inspired and united all who could make them probable. He strengthen our stakes, lengthened our cords... and the dreams soared in reality. He was the spirit of Oklahoma City. Look around you what you see today was his tomorrow... yesterday.

Oklahoma City, Ok: Statue is located in Bicentennial Park in Downtown Oklahoma City at the corner of Walker and Calcord.

Exploring Oklahoma History

Stanley Draper was one of the greatest "city builders" this country has yet produced, was born in Lasker, North Carolina, and came to Oklahoma City in 1919.
He received The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award in 1973.

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Oklahoma City
"All of this I saw,
Part of it I was......

Stanley Draper

Lake Stanley Draper
Lake Stanley Draper in southeast Oklahoma City is close to I-240 between Midwest Boulevard and Post Road.

The lake was built in 1963.

Stanley Draper