Rock Spring Baptist Church

Rock Spring Baptist Church

1/4 Mile East

First Baptist Church Among Oklahoma Plains Indians

Organized 1874 by Rev. John McIntosh, Creek Indian. First known Baptist Missionary to these tribes.

First trip summer 1874 under auspices of Creek Baptist Assn.

Sermon text John 3:16, Black Beaver Interpreter. "This is the word from the Great Spirit Above to all His children." ~~McIntosh.

Oklahoma Baptist Historical Commission

White Sign: Rock Spring Indian Baptist Church Wichita Tribal Cemetery
Anadarko,Ok: From junction 62/9 and 281/8 go north on 281/8 for 4.4 miles sign is on the right hand side of highway

Church and cemetery are located about 1 miles east

Note: There was a lock on the gate to church , couldn't get a picture of church or Cemetery.
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