Chisholm Trail Marker - Marlow

Chisholm Trail
Location: City limit of Marlow on Highway 81(south) turn east on Ball Park Road and go 3/10 mile marker is on north side of road. Marlow, Oklahoma Stephen County.
Exploring Oklahoma History
The Chisholm Trail is located by this marker. The markers are place on each section through Oklahoma. From 1990 through 1997 Robert Klemme of Enid, Oklahoma, researched the route of the Chisholm Trail through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas and planned to place four hundred concrete markers along the route across Oklahoma. The four hundredth marker was placed on Wilshire Road near Yukon in September 1997. Klemme erected other markers in Brownsville, Texas, and Abilene, Kansas. At the end of the twentieth century the Chisholm Trail remained visible at many places, including a spot near Bison, in Garfield County, 1.5 miles south of U.S. 81 and one-third mile west on a county road.

The marker was set by Robert Kiemme of Enid, Oklahoma, who conceived the idea for the markers and dedicated himself over the past seven years to placing them along the Oklahoma section of the 800 mile route from San Antonio, Texas, to Abilene, Kansas, utilizing an 1871 government map on which surveyors' notes told where the trail crossed each section line. Each of the concrete markers is seven feet high by six inches square, weighs 200 pounds and bears the legend "Chisholm Trail" painted in black letters

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