Battle of the Wichita Village

4.6 Miles S.E. A Comanche band near the village was attacked by Capt. Earl Van Corn with 4 companies of the 2nd cavalry. Oct. 1, 1858 Unknown to him, the indians were on way from friendly council with officers at FT. Arbuckle. In the furious fight 70 indians were killed. Among U.S. Dead was Lt. Cornelius Van Camp (west point 1855)

Highway 81(south) and Highway 17 junction (east) turn go 1 mile to the junction of Highway 17 and Highway 81 b (Business) turn north go .4/10th of mile marker on West side of road. Rush Springs, OK.

Exploring Oklahoma History
  • Chronicles of Oklahoma
    Volume 15, No. 2 June, 1937 THE BATTLE OF WICHITA VILLAGE
    .Prior to 1858 the United States troops in Texas attempted to protect the frontier against Indian forays by purely defensive measures. That this was unsuccessful was shown in the continued raids of the Indians. The Texans, finding it apparently impossible to secure adequate protection from the Federal government, organized an expedition of state troops under Col. John Ford. The Texans defeated the Comanches in a battle on the Canadian River. Spurred to greater efforts by the success of the Texans, the army commander in Texas asked for and received permission from the war department to invade Indian Territory in an offensive expedition against the Comanches. ...
  • Encyclopedia of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Historical Society: Camp Radziminski
    From his base of operations at Camp Radziminski Van Dorn led his troops against the Comanches at the Battle of the Wichita Village near present Rush Springs, Oklahoma, in October 1858, and at Crooked Creek in southwestern Kansas in May 1859. Abandoned after the completion of Fort Cobb in December 1859, Camp Radziminski was briefly used by the Texas Rangers in their warfare against the Comanches. The site of Camp Radziminski near Mountain Park was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972
  • Camp Radziminski