Pawnee Agency

Pawnee Agency

Established 1874. Pawnees sold
their Nebraska lands and bought
reservation here, selected by
chiefs ans WM. Burgess
U.S. Agent. Pawnee Boarding
was opened near agency
in 1877. Reservation opened to
white settlement Sept. 16, 1893.
Agency consolidated ,1928, for
5 tribes, Pawnee, Oto, Ponca,
Tonkawa and Kaw.

Oklahoma Historical Society
162 - 19995

Manufactured by
Willis Granite Products
Granite, OK
3/4 mile west of Pawnee on OK 64, just passed the Pawnee Bill Ranch, on right side of road near the railroad tracks.
Exploring Oklahoma History
Exploring Oklahoma History
National Register Of Historic Places:

Pawnee Indian Agency ** (added 1973 - Building - #73001567)
E edge of Pawnee, Pawnee

Historic Significance: Event
Area of Significance: Native American, Education, Politics/Government
Period of Significance: 1875-1899
Owner: Local Gov't
Historic Function: Domestic, Government
Historic Sub-function: City Hall, Single Dwelling
Current Function: Domestic, Health Care
Current Sub-function: Clinic, Single Dwelling

Pawnee Agency and Boarding School Historic District (added 2000 -
District - #00001577)
Also known as Pawnee Indian Agency
Pawnee Tribal Reserve, E of Pawnee, roughly bounded by Morris Rd.,

following Harrison St. and Agency Rd., Pawnee

Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering, Event
Architectural Style: Other, Queen Anne
Area of Significance: Native American, Education, Architecture
Period of Significance: 1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949, 1950-1974
Owner: Private
Historic Function: Education, Government, Health Care
Historic Sub-function: Educational Related Housing, Government Office,
Hospital, School
Current Function: Domestic, Government, Health Care, Vacant/Not In
Current Sub-function: Clinic, Government Office, Single Dwelling