Geary's Station

Geary's Station was a stage stand on the old Butterfield Overland Mail route in Indian Territory. Sometimes called Geary's Crossing, it was located on the east side of LIttle Boggy Creek (North Boggy Creek) in what is now Atoka County, Oklahoma. It was operated by A.W. Geary, an inter-married Choctaw. His wife Lucy was the sister of a Choctaw chief. The Choctaw Nation had awarded Geary the privilege of building a bridge and tollgate at the Little Boggy crossing on the Fort Smith-Boggy Depot Road in 1858, which would later become the route of the Butterfield Overland Mail stage.
Geary's Station is listed by the Oklahoma Historical Society as an Oklahoma Historic Site. The actual site has been inundated by Atoka Reservoir.*
Inundated by Atoka Reservoir, about one and one-half miles southwest of Stringtown, Atoka County.**
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