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Delaware Mount

Delaware Mount

On the old California Road

The California road, in 1849 - 1953, ascended the escarpment, about 3/4 mile east, known to travelers as " Delaware Mount." this "Mount" extends from several miles south of here, northeast to the Canadian River. At top of this plateau, travelers exclaimed on the fine view of head waters of Muddy and Clear Boggy Creeks.

Photo and text Courtesy of Loretta and Charles Donaghe
Photo (c)
Photo (c)

In Latta, at the Latta School, on W. Side of town on South side Latta Road. About I mile W. of where Hwy 1 & Hwy 3 divide on W. side of Ada, OK

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34.747107, -96.705303
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More Information
Black Beaver lead a band of Delawares to this area in 1840's. The Delaware band were permitted to settle in the area by the Choctaw National Council in 1844


Thank you, Charles and Loretta, for taking your time to get these pictures and for sharing them. - Carleta

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