Cyrus Byinton (Rev.)

Commemorates missionary who served among Choctaws and had major role in developing written Choctaw language.*
Hwy-70 & Hopson Ln North 1/8 mi., 467 D4750 Rd East 1/4 mile at Eagletown Cemetery, Eagletown, Oklahoma
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Wikipedia: Cyrus Byington
Cyrus Byington was a European American Christian missionary from Massachusetts who worked with the Choctaw in Mississippi and later in Indian Territory, later called Oklahoma, during 19th century. He set out to construct a lexicon of the Choctaw language in order to translate Christian prayers, hymns, and bible passages. Byington's work is considered one of the most complete lexicons for a Native American language. He worked for nearly fifty years translating Choctaw as a written language.
* Description and directions from McCurtain County: History & Heritage