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Battle of Cabin Creek

The first Battle of Cabin Creek was fought July 1 and 2, 1863, where Cabin Creek crossed the old Fort Gibson Military Road. The second battle occurred September 18, 1864, when 2,000 Confederate troops under Brigadier General Stand Watie ...

Battle of Locust Grove

Federal troops suddenly attacked a Confederate camp along the ridge near here are dawn, July 2, 1862. The surprised Confederates hardly returned fired before their officers and heavy supplies where captured. Yet, hot fighting in the ...

Cabin Creek Battlefield

On Sept. 18, 1864, a Confederate force of 2,000, mainly Gen. Stand Watie's Indian Brigade, intercepted a Union supply train enroute from Kansas to Ft. Gibson. The convoy of 130 wagons with supplies worth $1.5 million was captured after ...

Cabin Creek Battlefield

Emplacements can still be seen where cannons were set to defend the crossing of Cabin Creek. There are many unmarked graves of soldiers who died when General Stand Watie's Confederate troops captured a Federal supply train on September ...

Chouteau's Post

Oldest permanent American settlement in state. Grew out of Chaouteau's furn trade at St. Louis, with Osages after they settled in this region in 1802 from Missouri. Improvements here in 1817 became residence of Col. A. P. Chouteau, West ...

J. B. Milam Memorial Marker

J. BARTLEY MILAM, Principal Chief of the Cherokees. The Cherokee government had been dismantled in 1907 when Oklahoma became a state. In 1941, Milam was appointed Chief for a year by Franklin D. Roosevelt and was reappointed until h ...

Jean Pierre Chouteau Bridge

The Chouteau family had extensive holdings which included salt works and trading posts. Jean Pierre and his brother, Auguste, from a base in St. Louis, Missouri, traded with Osages in the area. *

Paradise Tree

Paradise Tree Paradise Tree The first tree planted in the state of Oklahoma was the Paradise Tree. It was brought over from France by A. P. Chouteau, son of Jean Pierre, in 1802 and planted by Major Jean Pierre Chouteau.

Union Mission

Union Mission was the site of the first school to be established in what would become the state of Oklahoma. It was also the location of the first printing press in the state that arrived in 1836. Missionaries provided education to the ...

Mayes County

Mayes County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Pryor, OK 74361

Wikipedia: Mayes County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for Mayes County, Oklahoma

Mayes County was named for Samuel Houston Mayes, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1895 to 1899.