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First Shelterbelt in the United States

During the 1930s severe drought plagued the states in the great plains and deepened the depression. High winds caused dust storms which blackened the sky. In 1934, President Franklin Roosevelt initiated a program to help stabilize the ...

Giants of the Great Plains

Giants of the Great Plains A 28 x 30’ mosaic bust of Will Rogers stands at the foot of the 500 million year old granite hills of the Wichita Mountains in Granite Oklahoma.

Greer County Courthouse

The Greer County Courthouse in Mangum, OK.

Headquarters Mountain Hiking Trail and Butterfly Garden

Headquarters Mountain Hiking Trail and Butterfly GardenThe Town of Granite which to extend its appreciation to Gene and Mary Lou Hahn and family for the gift of the headquarters mountain hiking trail and butterfly garden dedicated Ma ...

Jay Buckle Spring

Jay Buckle Springs are named after the Jay Buckle Ranch, whose headquarters were near this locally famous watering hole.

Lake Creek Marker

This monument is dedicated to the pioneers who settled the community. Their strength and courage enabled them to survive adverse conditions, giving us a goodly heritage. Most of the land in for the Lake Creek community was settled by ho ...

Nation's First Shelterbelt

Nation's First Shelterbelt WPA Site No. 1 Planted March 18, 1939 By WPA and CCC Workers Partial Renovation 1984 By Okla. Forestry Div. and SCS Partial Renovation 1994 by AmeriCorps (Environment)

Old Greer County

When the United States purchased Louisianna Territory from France, 1803, Upper portion of Red River as far west as 100th meridian designated as southern boundary. US War Department, 1852, sent Captain R.B. Marcy with military detachm ...

Old Greer County Museum

Located in Mangum, Oklahoma, the Old Greer County Museum was established as a depository to preserve and keep the knowledge, history and facts regarding Old Greer County. To protect and commemorate the people, places and things that rep ...

Peace On The Plains

About 5 mi. S.E. Wichita Village in Devil's Canyon was scene of 1st meeting between the U.S. and Plains Indians in Oklahoma to promote peace, July 21, 1834. U.S. Dragoon Regiment under command of Col. Henry Dodge accompanied by other n ...

Greer County

Greer County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Mangum, OK 73554

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National Register of Historic Places for Greer County, Oklahoma

Greer County is named for former Texas Lt. Governor John A. Greer.

From 1860 to 1896, the state of Texas claimed an area known as Greer County, Texas, which included present-day Greer County along with neighboring areas.