Garvin County

County Seat: Pauls Valley, Oklahoma 73075

Garvin County was named for Samuel J. Garvin, who moved to the Chickasaw Nation near Whitebead in 1870 and became a prominent cattleman, merchant, and banker.


Fort Arbuckle
Established in April, 1851, by Capt. R.B. Marcy. From here in 1852 Capts Marcy and Geo. B. McClellan, later Comdr. in Chief of Army of Potomoc, set out to explore source of Red River. Post abandoned to Confederates May 3, 1861. Again garrisoned by U.S. troops after Civil War; abandoned 1870. In ...
Garvin County Courthouse
National Register of Historic Places: Garvin County Courthouse (added 1985 - Building - #85002758) Courthouse Sq. and Grant Ave., Pauls Valley Historic Significance: Event Area of Significance: Politics/Government Period of Significance: 1900-1924 Owner: Local Gov't Historic Funct ...
Initial Point
Initial point is the name given to a 54 inch stone monument that marks the spot where all land in Oklahoma, except for the panhandle, Kansas, and Nebraska were surveyed to open lands to white settlement. This point made it possible to number townships east and west of the Indian Meridian, and t ...
Murray - Lindsay Mansion
Murray-Lindsay Mansion Built 1879/81 The first home in Erin Springs was built in 1871 by Frank Murray, an Irish immigrant from Londonderry. Murray eventually became a large land owner and rancher. He had 20,000 acres of land and 26,000 head of cattle. In 1879-1880 Murray began construc ...
Santa Fe Depot Museum
1905 depot was saved from demolition in 1989, the Pauls Valley city officials finally secured ownership of the old Santa Fe Depot and turned it over to the Historical Society to renovate and manage.
Wiley Post
Wiley Post Visionary 1898-1935 From his hometown of Maysville, Oklahoma, he explored the skies. In 1933 this self-taught scientist became the first person to fly solo around the world to prove flying safe. The pressurized flight suit he designed and developed and high altitude flights l ...
World's First Television Doppler Radar Tornado Warning
March 15, 1982 Gary England of KWTV Issues the World's First Television Doppler Radar Tornado Warning when a Developing Tornado is Visually Confirmed by the Elmore City Police Department