Delaware County

County Seat: Jay, Oklahoma 74346

Prior to becoming Delaware County, a large portion of the area was known as the Delaware District of the Cherokee Nation.


Cherokee-Seneca Boundary
Cherokee-Seneca Boundary The east west line here, sec 26, is the old boundary between Cherokee and Seneca nations, the land north of this line was owned under patent by the Seneca of Sandusky, Ohio, by treaty of 1831. The land here south of the line was owned by the Cherokee by treat ...
Fort Wayne
Established in autumn 1839 by Lt. Col. R.B. Mason and 1st Dragoons, U.S. Army, and named in honor of Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne. Abandoned on May 15, 1842. Here in July 1861, Col. Stand Watie established a Confederate army post and organized the Cherokee Mounted Rifles. Captured by Federal troops ...
Saline Courthouse
The Saline District Courthouse is the last remaining of nine courthouses for the districts of the Cherokee Nation in Indian Territory. The current structure was built in 1884. The site sits on 14 acres where three fresh water springs meet. It was recently designated as The Saline National P ...
Stand Waite
Stand Watie Degataga Oo-watee Stand Watie was only American Indian to attain rank of Brigadier General during the Civil War and was last Confederate general to surrender. Born in Georgia December 12, 1806, he spoke only the Cherokee language until he was twelve years of age. When Federal ...
Watie & Ridge
Stand Watie and his cousin, John Ridge, signed 1835 treaty for the Cherokee removal from Georgia to Ind. Ter., which caused a tribal feud. Ridge, young and talented, was assassinated, but Watie escaped their enemies. Later he was Southern Cherokee leader and only Indian commissioned Brig. Gen. ...