OK did ya know? Oklahoma Inventors

The next time you are at the supermarket or parking downtown look around. You will see some of the very things invented by Oklahomans. Oklahoma has a rich history of invention.

Here is just a sampling of the many Oklahoma inventors and their inventions: For more on Oklahoma inventors try these sites:

Oklahoma Inventors Congress
The Oklahoma Inventors Congress (OIC) is designed to bring together members of the inventive community and unite them in the common causes of: mutual assistance, problem sharing and solving; learning the invention process; the study of Patent Law and Patent Office requirements and procedures; assisting in prototyping, testing, and evaluating new and useful inventions; and promoting the creation, development, licensing, marketing, and commercialization of worthy inventions of the membership.
Oklahoma Inventors Hall of Fame
The Oklahoma Inventors Hall of Fame was established by the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center and the Intellectual Property Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association to honor Oklahomans who have conceived some of the great technological advances of our time and to encourage the continued efforts of Oklahomans involved with science, technology and the innovation process.