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Creek Capitol

Erected 1878, Ward Coachman, Principal Chief, Creek Nation organized 1867 under written constitution, and Okmulgee named as capital. Noted Chiefs here included Samuel Checote, Joseph Perryman, Isparhecher, Pleasant Porter. "Okmulgee Constitution" written here in Inter-Tribal Council, 1870, intended for organization of all Indian Territory.


Today In Oklahoma History

21 April

Hmmm. Nothing listed for today, April 20. Guess we'll just have to look ahead.

Spanish-American War

Many Oklahoma's join the fight during The Spanish-American War, a military conflict between Spain and the United States that took place from April to August 1898. more... & more...

21 April

Hmmm. Nothing listed for today, April 20. Guess we'll just have to look ahead.

James Garner Statue

A 10-foot-tall bronze statue of actor James Garner as Bret Maverick was unveiled in Garner's hometown of Norman, Oklahoma, with Garner present at the ceremony.



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