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Chilocco Indian School

Congress authorized this school for Indian children in 1882. Before its closing in the 1970s, Chilocco was one of the largest Indian schools in the United States. On part of the original 9,000 acres set aside for the school, a major archaeological find proved the existence of Ferdinandina, a French trading post established around 1746 and considered to be the first white settlement in what wou ...


Today In Oklahoma History

24 December

Hmmm. Nothing listed for today, December 16. Guess we'll just have to look ahead.

Babbs Switch Tragic School Fire

On this day 35 people lost their lives while attending a Christmas party in a one room frame school house. The fire was started by a candle on a Christmas tree. A school building was built here in memorial and a model to point the way to safer county schools the nation over. The school was discontinued in 1943. Was dismantled and sold. more...



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