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Camp Nichols

Camp Nichols, also known as Fort Nichols or Camp Nichols Ranch, was a historic fortification located in present-day Cimarron County, Oklahoma. It was built by New Mexico and California volunteers under the command of Col. Kit Carson to protect travelers on the Cimarron Cut-off of the Santa Fe Trail from raids by the Kiowa and Comanche Indians. Established in 1865 and abandoned the next year, i ...


Today In Oklahoma History

23 May

Flag planted on Rock Mary

Rock Mary was the most prominent Oklahoma landmark seen on the California Road by Capt. R. B. Marcy. First visited May 23, 1849, and U.S. flag raised on the peak by Lts. M. P. Harrison (brother of Pres. Benj. Harrison) and J.H. Simpson. Named in honor of 17 yr. Mary Conway, grand daughter of Arkansas Gov. Conway and cousin of President James Madison. more...



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