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Historic Place of the Day

Boggy Depot Station

Butterfield Overland Mail Site of Bobby Depot Here was located a stage stand of the Butterfield Overland Mail Rount, under act of congress, March 3, 1857. First mail stage arrived here in september 1858, enroute to San Francisco. Service continued until the outbreat of the War Between The States. Oklahoma Historical Society, 1953


Today In Oklahoma History

01 September

Hmmm. Nothing listed for today, August 26. Guess we'll just have to look ahead.

Ingalls Shootout

Ingalls, Oklahoma was the site of a famous battle on this day between U.S. marshals and the Doolin-Dalton gang. Three marshals and two residents were killed. Several people were wounded and one outlaw was captured. more...


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Ames Astrobleme Museum

The Ames Astrobleme Museum, which opened August 18, 2007, features numerous image panels and a video showing the formation of the Ames crater and its discovery as a significant geological and economic resource.

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