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Bill Dalton Killing

In 1894, U.S. Marshal Selden Lindsey shot the famous outlaw here. **


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01 November

Hmmm. Nothing listed for today, October 27. Guess we'll just have to look ahead.

Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007

On this day a strict immigration reform law meant to discourage illegal immigration went into effect. The Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007 denies illegal immigrants state identification, and requires all state and local agencies to verify citizenship status of applicants before authorizing benefits. The law also require public employers to enter job applicants into an electronic immigration database to verify legal status. more...


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Call for Pictures and a Big Thank You

First off a big thank you to everyone who's sent in pictures and marker finds over the years. It’s helped us out a lot to fill in some of the blanks in our Oklahoma Historic Places Database. ...

Ames Astrobleme Museum

The Ames Astrobleme Museum, which opened August 18, 2007, features numerous image panels and a video showing the formation of the Ames crater and its discovery as a significant geological and economic resource.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 035: Two Fold Trip

In this episode we take another trip through Oklahoma history in what we like to call our two fold trip.