Woods County

County Seat: Alva, Oklahoma 73717

M County's name was changed to Woods by popular vote on November 6, 1894. "Wood" was selected to honor Sam Wood, a renowned Kansas Populist. However, Wood's name appeared as Woods on the ballot, and the secretary of the election committee misidentified Wood as Woods in his election report. The full committee also failed to notice the error before the report was published, and meeting later they "decided to keep the s for euphony sake."

source: Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture: WOODS COUNTY 


Battle of Turkey Springs I.T.
7 Mi. N. of Here Last known encounter between Indians & U.S. Army in Okla. here Sept. 13-14, 1878. Northern Cheyenne led by Dull Knife & Little Wolf fled Darlington Agency at Ft. Reno to return to Dakotas. Crossing Woods Co. they killed 2 cowboys employed by W.R. Colcord & engaged portions o ...
Cimarron Cowboys Monument
A fifteen foot long red granite monument was erected by the people of Freedom to commemorate the old cowhands who helped to settle the Cherokee Strip. It is inscribed with the names of persons who made their contribution before, as well as after this rugged grazing country was opened to homest ...
Cowboy Cemetery
On September 12, 1878, the bodies of Reuben Bristow and Fred Clark were found near hear. It was believed they had been killed by Northern Cheyenne Indians lead by Chief Dull Knife. Bristow and Clark where cowboys hauling salt for Comanche Pool cattle when Dull Knife fled harsh conditions on t ...
Freedom Depot and Community Arboretum
The Freedom Depot is home to the Freedom Chamber of Commerce and is an original Santa Fe Railroad Depot. Visitors to the area can learn about area attractions and enjoy a short walk around the arboretum located at the Depot site.*
Freedom Jail
The Jail-House is located at the end of Main Street. It is housed in the community’s original well-house. Visitors can stage great "Old-West" photos on the porch and the adjoining "outlaw" cemetery.*
Nathan Boone
Camp 3.5 mi. S.W. Captain Boone, son of Daniel Boone, under orders of Gen. Zachary Taylor, Army Department Comdr., in summer of 1843 lead exploratory expedition of western prairies. Party departed from Ft. Gibson May 14, and reached as far north as central Kansas. Party crossed Cimarron River ...