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Chief Pushmataha

Chief Pushmataha led a Mississippi Choctaw hunting expedition to the area in January of 1807 and attacked armed men under the leadership of French trader Joseph Bogy. Pushmataha County, in southeastern Oklahoma, is named for this great ...

Texas Road (The Shawnee Trail)

Texas Road- The most Ancient and important trail through Oklahoma. Three Forks- At the head of navigation of the Verdigris River the oldest trading post in Oklahoma dating from 1812. Creek & Osage- Indian agencies on the east and ...


In 1896, Wagoner became Indian Territory's first incorporated town. The following year, the territory's first public schools began here.

Wigwam Neosho

This early nineteenth century trading post was named and operated by Sam Houston, later the president of the Republic of Texas. Houston was a celebrity in Indian Territory after resigning as governor of Tennessee and moving to near Fort ...

Wagoner County

Wagoner County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Wagoner, OK 74467

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National Register of Historic Places for Wagoner County, Oklahoma

Wagoner County was named after the town of Wagoner. The town was named after Henry "Bigfoot" Wagoner, a Katy Railroad dispatcher from Parsons, Kansas.