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CCC Ranch Headquarters

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E.T. Guymon

Edward T. Guymon was born in Illinois in 1859. At 21 he moved to McPherson, Kansas from Coatsburg Illinois. Story is he sold a cow for $22 to pay his fare west. He loaded coal for the Santa Fe railroad as a clerk and partner for the St ...


Eureka Consolidated District #12 1908 - 1969 Eureka was established in 1908 with 18 square miles, the high school was started in 1919 when Center, Lincoln, and one half of Pleasant View were consolidated. In 1923, the Nabisco, Ha ...


Old Hardesty 1886 - 1906 Old Hardesty was a typical trade center and the mecca of early cowboys in "No Man's Land", the town located about 3 miles northeast of this marker was named for Col. Jack Hardesty, a prominent rancher in the a ...

No Man's Land Museum

When the Territory of Kansas was created in 1854 its boundary was set at the 37th parallel. When Texas came into the union, being a slave state, it could not extend its sovereignty over any territory north of 36° 30' North. The Missouri ...

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

OPSU was created by an act of the Oklahoma State Legislature in 1909 as Pan-Handle Agricultural Institute offering secondary agricultural education for the Panhandle area. In 1921, the legislature authorized the school to offer a two-ye ...

Original No Man's Land

Following admission to the Union in 1846, the state of Texas, as a slave state, ceded the "Public Land Strip" to the United States to comply with the Missouri Compromise of 1850, which forbade slavery north of 36° 30'. The area remained ...

Panhandle Area Natural Gas

The largest individual gas reserve in the United States covers much of the Oklahoma panhandle extending northward from Texas through this area and into Kansas this sprawling hugoton panhandle field provides gas to comfort mankind fire t ...

Penick House

Listed with the National Register of Historical Places

Shade's Well

Site two miles south. From this famous well, cattlemen watered their herds of thousands of stock while waiting shipment over the Rock Island Railroad after long trail drives to the end of the track near old Tyrone. The well was located ...

Texas County Courthouse

Listed with the National Register of Historical Places (added 1984 - Building - #84003439)

Texas County

Texas County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Guymon, OK 73942

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National Register of Historic Places for Texas County, Oklahoma

Texas County was formed at Oklahoma statehood (16 November 1907) from the central one-third of "Old Beaver County". When the formation of the county was authorized by the Constitutional Convention of 1907, the county was so named because it was wholly included within the limits of the Texas Cession of 1850, whereby the ownership of the area was passed from the State of Texas to the United States Government.