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Arthur, I. T.

Arthur is a ghost town in Stephens County, Oklahoma, United States. It was 15 miles east of Duncan, Oklahoma and had a post office from May 14, 1890 until September 29, 1934. Township 1S, 5W, 9. First Postmaster: William H. Mers ...

Chisholm Trail Crossing and Ted A. Gilbert Memorial

1st Marker: Chisholm Trail Crossing At this point you are crossing Old Chisholm Trail over which the great cattle herds were driven from Texas to Kansas. From 1867 to 1889. This marker erected by the Kiwanis club of Duncan, Oklahoma 1 ...

Chisholm Trail Heritage Center

The Heritage Center was established in 1998 to commemorate and celebrate the great history and heritage of the old Chisholm Trail and the other Great Cattle Trails of the late 19th century. The Center includes the largest bronze sculptu ...

Chisholm Trail Marker - Duncan

Two miles east of this point ran the Chisholm Trail named for Jessie Chisholm, and Oklahoma part-Cherokee indian trader. Soon after close of Civil War, Chisholm laid out a trail with his freight wagons extending from the Arkansas r ...

Indian Baseline Monument

Initial point was established by the U.S.government in 1870. All Oklahoma except the panhandle was then divided into townships north and south and ranges east and west of initial point. The Indian Base Line is two-tenth of a mile so ...

Initial Point Monument

Was dedicated by Duncan Chapter NSDAR as a Bicentennial Commonrative project on Feb. 22, 1974 "Honor's the pioneers of Oklahoma and their revolutionary ancestors and presents the significance of Initial Point" (This marker is very ...

Lyle-Montgomery-Linam House

Listed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1883

Marlow Armory

The Marlow Armory, 702 W. Main. This Historic Rock Structure Was Most Likely Another Of The Wpa.S Projects. The National Guard Is Still Using It As An Armory. It Was Place On The National Register In 1994. Insigina On The Buildi ...

Marlow Brothers

Born along the Chisholm Trail and on the banks of Wild Horse Creek the legend of the Marlow family and the five Marlow brothers has been proven to be more fact than fiction. Dr. Williamson Marlow and his wife, Martha Jane, a relat ...

Marlow Brothers Hideout

The Marlow family's experiences are worthy legends of the old west. When they settled here during the peak of the cattle drives, this location was ideal for recovering cattle lost among the tickets and dense cross timber woods that cove ...

Marlow Outlaw Cave

Legendary Marlow Outlaw Cave enter to view Travel back to the time of the Marlow family and life along the Chisholm Trail in the 1800's

Marlow Review Newspaper

The Marlow Review Established 1890 Marlow Magnet first newspaper in Marlow by 1905 The Marlow Review started publishing newspapers.

Oak Lawn School

Oak Lawn School Established 1908 Photo take early 1920's School District 273

Old Duncan Public Library

Old Duncan Public Library has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior. Built by WPA 1937. Plaque donated by NSDAC 2002

Old Military Trail

To adventures in the west. The famous Dragoon Expedition, 1834, Col. Henry Dodge in command, passed near here on the way west to the Wichita village on north fork of Red River. Near here in 1852. Capt. R.B. Marcy, 5th Inf. Met his ...

Patterson Hospital - Duncan, OK

Listed on the National Register Of Historical Place Patterson Hospital 1928

Redbud Chapel

At the turn of the last century, families from Marlow had to travel many miles to celebrate mass every six weeks. Because of the muddy trails, even horses and buggies had problems negotiating the roads, making the trip approximately th ...

Sheriff W.A. (Wal) Williams

Erected In Honor Of The Services Of All Peace Officers And Dedicated To The Memory Of Sheriff W.A. (Wal) Williams 1869 -- 1930 Who Gave His Life In The Courageous Performance Of His Duty. May 13,1930

Stephens Co. Historical Museum (Duncan Armory)

The Stephens County Historical Museum Located in the historic National Guard Armory at Hwy. 81 and Beech Street, the museum features displays and artifacts illustrating early land-run and settlement life in Oklahoma together with ear ...

Stephens County Courthouse - New and Old

Stephens County Courthouse - New and Old. Current courthouse 1967 to present. Old Courthouse 1921-1968 (Picture was taken at the Stephen County Historical Museum) The Manhattan Construction Company started construction on the facility i ...

The Duncan Store and The Fort Sill and Fort Arbuckle Road

The Duncan Store and the Ft. Sill - Ft. Arbuckle Road Visible Immediately to the east are prominent Trail ruts created by cattle herds and the Ft. Sill - Ft. Arbuckle supply road. Two miles east - southeast, beyond the crest of t ...

W.T. Foreman House (The Prairie House)

The W.T. Foreman House was built in 1918 for one of Duncan's earliest citizens. This historic home is undergoing restoration and is listed on the National Registry (in 2003 - Building #03000512) as one of the earliest examples of the Pr ...

Stephens County

Stephens County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Duncan, OK 73533

Wikipedia: Stephens County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for Stephens County, Oklahoma

Stephens County was named for Texas politician John H. Stephens.