Rogers County

County Seat: Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

The county was originally created in 1906 and named Cooweescoowee. However, the residents protested and the name was changed to Rogers County, after Clem Vann Rogers, a mixed-blood Cherokee rancher and father of Will Rogers.


Birthplace of Will Rogers
Nov. 4 1879 - Aug 15, 1935. Will Rogers world renowned writer, humorist and actor, was born on a ranch east of Oologah in Cooweescoowee, Indian Territory. He and Wiley Post died in an airplane crash at Point Barrow, Alaska. His birthplace was moved out of the path of Oologah lake to 2 miles nor ...
Claremore Mound
Site of battle of "Strawberry Moon" 1817, when Chief Clermont's Osage village was wiped out by Cherokees. This Osage band from Missouri had settled near the mound at insistence of fur traders of St. Louis. Osages became the wealthiest Indians in Oklahoma by discovery of oil 100 yrs. later on re ...
Dog Iron Ranch and Will Rogers Birthplace
Living history Dog Iron Ranch and log-walled, two-story post-Civil War home where Will Rogers was born November 4, 1879, son of a Cherokee senator, judge and cattleman. Home is authentically conserved and open to the public.
Oklahoma's First Waterflood
Injection of water into an oil reservoir to increase recovery was first attempted in Oklahoma on an oil lease 5.8 miles east of this location. From that effort a recovery method previously used in eastern fields was adapted to conditions found in this area. Since then, waterflooding to obtai ...