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Antlers Tornado

On April 12 , 1945, at 5:20 pm, a tornado first touched down southwest of town near the Hall community. At 5:45 pm, one of the most devastating tornadoes in the history of the state struck the city of Antlers with a of nearly one half m ...

Choctaw Capitols

This Is The Site Of "NANIH WAIYA," First Choctaw Capitol And Council Ground where First Constitution Written in Oklahoma Was Adopted By Choctaw Nation, 1834, Joseph Kincaid, Thomas LeFlore and Nitakechi, Chiefs, Tuskahoma Council House. ...

Choctaw Nation Capitol Building

This building was erected in 1884 during the term of Chief Jackson McCurtain, who made his farewell address there. It housed the offices of Chief, Secretary, Attorney, Treasurer, Auditor, and the two-house legislature. It now serves as ...

Wildlife Heritage Center Museum

The Wildlife Heritage Center Museum is a 3100 SF log cabin facility located between two existing Whitetail and Fallow deer exhibits in Antlers, OK. The facility is utilized as a regional tourism attraction while at the same time s ...

Pushmataha County

Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Antlers, OK 74523

Wikipedia: Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

Pushmataha County was named for the Pushmataha District of the Choctaw Nation and Choctaw Chief Pushmataha.