Pottawatomie County

County Seat: Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804

During the land run, Pottawatomie County was organized as County "B" with Tecumseh as the county seat. In 1892, the voters of the county elected to rename County "B" as Pottawatomie County after the Potawatomi tribe.


Home on the Range
Author's grave in Fairview Cemetery, Dr. Brewster Higley (b.1922) of Indiana wrote this song when he lived in Kansas. The words were printed in a local paper (1873), and became a favorite song along the cattle trails. First published in 1910, the author never saw a copy nor received a cent of r ...
Jim Thorpe Birth Place #2
James Francis Thorpe, a Sac and Fox, was born as Wa-tho-huck or "bright path." He dominated the 1912 Olympics, winning both the decathlon and pentathlon events. He played major league baseball and professional football. He was the first president of the National Football League and is a member ...
Keokuk Falls
After the land run into the Sac and Fox Reservation on September 22, 1891, the Keokuk Falls town site became an important settlement in Indian Territory. The boomtown boasted two distilleries and many saloons.
Leroy Gordon Cooper
Leroy Cooper was one of the first seven American astronauts named in 1959. He flew one of the early missions into space aboard Faith 7 in 1963. His 22 orbits around the earth became the longest space flight at that time in history. Cooper died in 2004 .
Sacred Heart Mission
Founded in 1876 by Father Isidore Robot on Potawatomi Indian lands, the mission served both the educational and spiritual needs of the Native Americans in the region. The educational work was eventually transferred to St. Gregory's College in Shawnee.
Shawnee Milling Company
Original flour mill built in 1891 S. of N. Canadian River, S. of Shawnee. Moved to present site in 1895. April 20, 1906, mill purchased by J. Lloyd Ford. He was leader in Okla. flour milling for over 50 yrs. and played important part in building local community and Okla. Baptist Univ. Mill ...
Shawnee Mission
Established in 1871 - The Society of Friends opened this mission for the Absentee Shawnee, this Christian work continuing 53 years among all Indian tribes living near here. The first log house was replaced by the present church building at the same site, 1885, now a museum owned and kept by Pot ...