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Burney Institute

Burney Institute. Site in vicinity south. Established in 1854 by Chickasaw Council, Daugherty Colbert, Chief; David Burney, Joel Kemp, George D. James, A. V. Brown, school trustees. Opened as school for Chickasaw girls 1859, under super ...

Camp Leavenworth

Named for Gen. Henry Leavenworth who died near here July 21, 1834, while enroute from Fort Givson to Wichita Village in Western Oklahoma for a peace conference with Plains Indians. The expedition continued under Col. Henry Dodge, assi ...

Marshall County Courthouse

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984

Red River Bridge

North span first free bridge across Red River erected 1931, replaced 1996. Oklahoma Gov. “alfalfa” Bill Murray defied federal court injunction, plowed up the road to “toll” bridge, forcing opening of “free” bridge linking Texas and Okla ...

Marshall County

Marshall County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Madill, OK 73446

Wikipedia: Marshall County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for Marshall County, Oklahoma

The county name honors the maiden name of George Henshaw's mother. Henshaw, a Madill native, served in the 1906 Oklahoma Constitutional Convention.