Johnston County

County Seat: Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460

Johnston County was named for Douglas H. Johnston, a governor of the Chickasaw Nation.


Chicksasaw Council House
A log cabin, now restored to near original condition, served as the official meeting place of Chickasaw leaders from 1856 until 1858 when a new brick building was constructed. Fire destroyed that building in 1890, and the final Chickasaw capitol, now the Johnston County Courthouse, was built in ...
Oklahoma Farmers Union
1905-2005. Struggling farmers united to form Farmers Union at Point, Texas, in 1902. Spreading into the twin Territories, future statesman William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray helped establish the Indiahoma Farmers Educational and Co-Operative Union of America. The state organization officially beg ...
Capital of the Chickasaw Nation which was organized in 1856, under a written constitution. Named for revered Chief Tishomingo who had died on the Trail of Tears during Indian Removal from Mississippi. Last Chickasaw Governor was Douglas H. Johnston who served 39 years. Stone capitol was built i ...
Wapanucka Academy
The Chickasaw Council established this major educational effort for Chickasaw children in 1852. Near the ruins of the school is the grave of Mary C. Greenleaf, a teacher at the academy, who died in 1857 **