Hughes County

County Seat: Holdenville, Oklahoma 74848

Hughes County was named for W. C. Hughes, an Oklahoma City lawyer who was a member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention.


Fort Holmes
In immediate vicinity. Est. 1834, by Lieut. T. H. Holmes, later Lt. Gen., C.S.A. This post was visited ~ June, 1834 ~ by Gen. Henry Leavenworth on this expedition to the Plains tribes. Edwards' Store, site 1 mile west of here, was the last trading post until Santa Fe on the California Trail, fo ...
Shawnee Town
The town was a settlement of Absentee Shawnee and Delaware on the California Road. The tribes had migrated from Ohio before 1800 and were allowed by the Choctaw National Council to remain in the area. The Absentee Shawnee occupied the site on the South Canadian River until 1857 when they moved ...
Whipple Survey
Under instructions of Jefferson Davis, U.S. Secretary of War, Lieutenant A.W. Whipple (later Major General, U.S. Army) made the first railroad survey from Ft. Smith to the Pacific Coast in 1853. With H.B. Mollhausen, artist, Jules Marcou, geologist, and other scientists in the party, they cross ...