Craig County

County Seat: Vinita, Oklahoma 74301

Craig County was named for Granville Craig, a prominent mixed-blood-Cherokee farmer who lived in the Bluejacket area.


Craig County Courthouse
Designed by the noted frim of Layton, Smith, & Forsyth, the Craig County Courthouse was completed in 1920. Utilizing a classical vocabulary, this red brick building is the seat of government for Craig County. The most prominent feature of the courthouse is the limestone detailing at the cornice ...
Eastern Trails Museum
Eastern Trails Museum was established in the Vinita City Hall in 1968, first as a Craig County Museum. The name changed as a reminder of the major north-south trails that traversed the county as early as 1824. Displays at the museum include many items associated with the history of the Cherokee ...
First Methodist-Episcopal Church, South
An excellent example of the classical revival style, the First Methodist Episcopal Church, south of Vinita resembles its secular neighbor - the Craig County Courthouse. Both the church and courthouse are dominated by in antis limestone columns on the main facade. The limestone constrasts wit ht ...
Hotel Vinita
Constructed in 1930, the Hotel Vinita is located on the new federal highway 66 in downtown Vinita. Unlike older hotels, it was not located near the railroad; instead it catered to the new traveling men of the automobile age. Its architectural design reflects spanish colonial and baroque motifs. ...
McDougal Filling Station
This house-type filling station was constructed in 1940 on us highway 66 east of Vinita. It exhibits a type of masonry veneer often referred to as giraffe stone, a patchwork of light and dark colored sandstone with dark colored mortar joints. This station is exemplary of the independent filling ...
Old Military Road
Crossed here: Ft. Gibson (est. 1824) to Ft. Leavenworth. Two Cabin Creek battles in Civil War fought at old ford 5 mi.; S.W. Ketchum is east 1.5 mi., the first store, 1860, and a stage stand were at old Sulphur Springs camp ground near here, N.E. Oklahoma Historical Society and State Highway Co ...
Randall Tire Company
Located on US 66, the former Randall Tire Company catered to the travelers along the storied road. Constructed in 1931, this distinctive building features walls of random stone. The parapet wall is capped with a sawtooth of rubble stone, while the fenestration is marked by surrounds of red bric ...
Spraker Service Station
A good example of the cottage style of service station built by the continental oil company in the 1920s and 1930s. The glazed buff brick helped to catch the eye of motorists along us 66. The station represents the growing importance of the highway as a commercial outlet in Vinita. Listed in Na ...