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700 Ranch House

Ardmore's beginning is traced to the establishment of the 700 Ranch. In 1870, the Roff log house was the first building erected within what would become the city limits of Ardmore. The house was moved to its present site in 1991. **


The Ardmore post office was named for Ardmore, PA, and established on October 27, 1887, on the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad, built north from Texas. Ardmore was the home of Lee Cruce, second governor of Oklahoma from 1911-1915. Ha ...

Ardmore Air Crash

On April 22, 1966, 6 soldiers and a crew of 6 died when an American Flyers Company Electra Turbo prop airplane crashed in the Arbuckle Mountains about "two miles and two hills" east of the Ardmore Airpark. Seventeen survived the crash. ...

Ardmore Army Air Field

The Ardmore Army Air Field base was built to train airmen from 1942 to 1946. From 1953 to 1958, the facility was known as the Ardmore Air Force Base. A nearby marker honors the trainees who were casualties in World War II and the Korean ...

Bill Dalton Killing

In 1894, U.S. Marshal Selden Lindsey shot the famous outlaw here. **

Bostwick Conglomerate Outcropping

In the 10-mile stretch of US-77 north of Ardmore are located this marker and others noting the unique geological features of the area, including the Woodford Shale and Chert Outcropping, Chimney Hill Limestone Outcropping, Viola Limesto ...

CCC-Lake Murray State Park

The men of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Companies 1813 and 849 lived and worked in a camp during the Great Depression and built Lake Murray State Park. The CCC was a make-work program created by Congress at the suggestion of Pr ...

Dow Brazil Killing

Sidewalk stone recounting the infamous shooting of U.S. Marshal Dow Brazil by Deputy Sheriff Bud Ballew in 1918.

Eaves-Brady Log Cabin

James Eaves built this one-room log cabin in 1898 and later added a second room. The cabin is typical of a pioneer home in southern Oklahoma. The Brady family, descendants of James Eaves, donated the cabin to the museum. It was disassem ...

Franklin No. 1

In 1913, Wirt Franklin brought this well in, marking the beginning of the great Healdton Field discovery. The well produced 100 barrels a day at 1,076 feet. **

Hardy Murphy

Hardy Murphy gained international fame with his training of Buck, Silver Cloud, and other horses from 1930 to 1943. Ardmore's coliseum is named for Murphy. **

Hargrove College

Named for Bishop Robert H. Hargrove, this Methodist college was established here in 1894. After it burned in 1907, the college was rebuilt north of Ardmore.

Healdton Oil Museum

Through artifacts and photographs the Healdton Oil Museum tells the story of oil development in Carter County and life in the bustling oil boomtowns. The Healdton Field

Healdton: Oklahoma's First State-Regulated Oil Field

Production of crude oil from the newly-discovered Healdton field surrounding this marker site flooded the market with an oversupply of petroleum. Protesting that pipeline purchases were inadequate, producers claimed they were being depr ...

Joseph Callaway

Jospeh Callaway gained international recognition as a director, critic, and Shakespearean actor. **

Locomotive 1108

This engine brought doctors and nurses to Ardmore after the 1915 explosion that leveled most of the town's downtown business district.

Old Sulphur Spring

During the settlement of Oklahoma, early travelers used this water. Later residents used the water for medicinal, drinking, and household needs. **

Randol Hotel

Jake Hamon was shot in the Randol Hotel where huge oil deals were consummated. The hotel burned in 1925. **

Rosella Hightower

Rosella Hightower is one of the state's five American Indian prima ballerinas depicted in a mural in the State Capitol in Oklahoma City. A world-renowned Chickasaw ballerina, she was born near Dickson.

Sherwood Forest

Noble Drilling Corporation secretly sent Oklahoma drilling crews to tap oil under the Sherwood Forest in England in 1943 during World War II. **


This is one of thirteen all-black towns, out of more than 50 that once existed, remaining in Oklahoma. While Tullahassee is reportedly the oldest, most were established between 1889 and 1907 as blacks sought security and control of thei ...

Carter County

Carter County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Ardmore, OK 73401

Wikipedia: Carter County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for Carter County, Oklahoma

Carter County was named for Captain Ben W. Carter, a Cherokee who lived among the Chickasaws and whose son became a noted politician in Oklahoma.