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George C. Sibley Expedition

Here, in the summer of 1811, a group composed of three white men, accompanied by six Osage Indians, were the first whites to view the Great Salt Plains. George C. Sibley, the leader of the expedition, described the geological phenomenon ...

Great Salt Plains State Park

Great Salt Plains Lake is located at the park and covers 8,690 surface acres with 41 miles of shoreline and is a shallow, salty lake -- about 1/3 to 1/2 as salty as the ocean -- with fishing opportunities for catfish, saugeye, sandbass ...

Sod House

Built by Marshal McCully who staked land on which house stands during Cherokee Strip run, September 1893. Plowed sod for and erected house August 1894. Used as McCully home until large frame house constructed 1909. Of the many thousands ...

Stella Friends Academy

Buildings near here from 1897 under auspices of Friends Church, the academy was noted for high moral, spiritual and scholastic standards. Closed 1922. Named for teacher of 1st school (1893) in this vicinity, a sod house near Stella Chur ...

Alfalfa County

Alfalfa County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Cherokee, OK 73728

Wikipedia: Alfalfa County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for Alfalfa County, Oklahoma

Alfalfa County was formed in 1907 from Woods County. The county is named after William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray, the president of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and ninth governor of Oklahoma.