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Garfield County

The Missouri Compromise

(36° 30' NORTH LATITUDE) This marker sits on the Missouri Compromise line which by an Act of Congress on March 6, 1820, enabled Missouri to be admitted to the Union as a Slave State. But, th…


Kiowa County

In Memory of those who perished in the Babbs Fire

In Memory of those who perished in the Babbs Fire On Dec. 24, 1924 At a Christmas tree celebration Thirty six persons lost their Lives


Greer County

Old Greer County

When the United States purchased Louisianna Territory from France, 1803, Upper portion of Red River as far west as 100th meridian designated as southern boundary. US War Department, 1852, se…


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Updated: 12/06/2023 10:36
Canadian County

TWISTEX Memorial

A memorial for three storm chasers, Carl Young, Timothy Samaras, and Paul Samaras, killed by a tornado on May 31, 2013.


Updated: 10/24/2023 08:46
Murray County

Oklahoma Where Reflection Seismograph was Born

Oklahoma is the birthplace of the reflection seismic technique of oil exploration. This geophysical method records reflected seismic waves as they travel through the earth helping to find oil b…


Updated: 08/23/2023 10:37
Alfalfa County

Great Salt Plains State Park

Salt Plains State Park is one of Oklahoma's most unique state parks. The barren landscape of the nearby Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of salt leftover from an ocean that cov…


Updated: 08/23/2023 10:22
Alfalfa County

Alfalfa County Courthouse

The Alfalfa County Courthouse is one of the focal points of the town of Cherokee. Constructed in 1921, it has since that time served the county as the center of local government and as an archi…


Updated: 08/23/2023 10:07
Alfalfa County

Sod House

Built by Marshal McCully who staked land on which house stands during Cherokee Strip run, September 1893. Plowed sod for and erected house August 1894. Used as McCully home until large frame ho…


Updated: 08/23/2023 10:05
Alfalfa County

George C. Sibley Expedition

Here, in the summer of 1811, a group composed of three white men, accompanied by six Osage Indians, were the first whites to view the Great Salt Plains. George C. Sibley, the leader of the expe…


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The Oklahoma Historical Society provided a list of all the historic markers in Oklahoma. However at the time we started this project this list only contained the name of the marker and which county it was in. We used this list (as of February 16, 2005) to seed the Oklahoma Historic Places Database.

Multiple sources including various books, videos, podcasts, internet web sites, and museum visits provide the information used to build the Oklahoma Historic Places Database.

Update! We recently changed our attribution policy to follow something like Wikipedia's. Starting in 2022 we will be updating each entry in the historic places database to add, correct, or update any attributions and references that need to be made. Please be patient with us, this endeavor will take some time.

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  1. Oklahoma is divided up into 77 counties.
  2. The Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation designated six regional tourism areas. More information can be found at TravelOK.com.
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