The Grave of Mister Ed

The Grave of Mister Ed
Mister Ed. This monument was dedicated to the loving memory of Mr. Ed on Sunday, August 26, 1990. It is the result of a people of northeastern Oklahoma and Tulsa radio station Z104.5 FM. According to national media reports, Mr. Ed moved to Oklahoma in the late 1960s after a successful Hollywood career. Mr. Ed continued to entertain and bring joy to many Oklahomans. Finally retiring in this very field, Mr. Ed passed away February 22, 1979. May His Memory Live Long.


13600 E 710 Rd, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. - Located about five miles north of Tahlequah off Hwy 82. The grave is on Snodgrass Farm where Hwy 82 curves to the west. Turn right onto E 710 Rd. The monument is to the left of the metal shed. **


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