Ames Astrobleme Museum

Ames Astrobleme Museum
The Ames Astrobleme Museum, which opened August 18, 2007, features numerous image panels and a video showing the formation of the Ames crater and its discovery as a significant geological and economic resource. The crater was caused by a meteor striking the area 450 million years ago. There is sediment two miles deep covering the crater, and the town of Ames approximately is located in the middle of the crater. The crater is eight miles in diameter and is similar to craters on the moon. It is one of the few oil-producing craters in the world. Cumulative production figures through the end of 2006 show production in the Ames crater area approaching 11 million barrels. **


109 Main St., Ames, Oklahoma


Ames Astrobleme Museum


** Information from Wikipedia. Image from Google Street View.

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