CCC Company 884

CCC Company 884
Civilian Conservation Corps
Company 884
Rush Springs, Okla. 73082

To all the young men who served and to future generations that they might be reminded of our governments efforts to improve the status of the unemployed during the Great Depression of the 1930's

Also to the U.S. Army and the Department of Agriculture for the guidance they provided both in camp and in the field, and the Rush Springs Lions Club for its efforts in securing the Camp here.

These Camps were located throughout the United States with various functions to perform, such as: forestry, parks, and soil conservation. This Camp was primarily soil conservation due to the nature of the soil in this area. Therefore the work performed here consisted of the terracing with rock-masonry outlets, ponds and restoring vegetation, all implemented to deter soil erosion.

The young men throughout the Corps were paid $30 per month with $25 of this being sent home. Food, work clothing and shelter along with medical, dental and education services were provided.

It would difficult for a young man not to have benefited from this experience.

Established June 18, 1933 Closed July 20, 1942

Dedicated this 2nd day of May, 1987


United States CCC
Civilian conservation Corps
Spirit of 1933-1944 The CCC



US 81 and OK 17 go east through Rush Spring, cross the railroad, Jeff Davis Park on left go one block east turn left go about 1/2 block (Holly Ave and Brakley) , marker on west side of street, across the street is the Rush Springs Cemetery.





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CCC Company 884 CCC Company 884

Time Capsule

Time Capsule
Celebrating Rush Springs
100 th Birthday Nov. 21, 1998
To be unsealed Nov. 21, 2048