Cloud Creek

Cloud Creek
Washita County Home of American's First Upstream Flood Control Dam Cloud Creek #1 Washita River Basin Dedicated July 8, 1948 Rededicated July 3, 1990 Cloud Creek Dam NO. 1 Located 11 miles southeast of Cordell was the first of 1140 dams in the Washita River Basin and the first of over 10,000 nationwide. It was built in partnership with the local community, The Washita County Conseration District and USDA Soil Conseervation Service. These Dams provide flood control, water suppy, recreation, wildlife Havitat and improved water quality to many communities. "The entire Washita Flood control program is in itself a monument to the understanding and the energy of the people in Oklahoma who were among the first to take up the soil conservation program and who are leading the way in upstream watershed treatment for flood control." Hugh Hammond Bennett, Chief USDA Soil Conservation Service July 8, 1948 Oklahoma Historical society 231-1998


Location of Mounment: On the grounds of the Washita County Courthouse on the Southeast corner on the East side. Cordell, Ok , Washita County Location of Dam: 4.6 miles East and 5 miles south of Cordell, Ok on OK 152 (Note: There is a road sign on the right side of Highway, marking where to turn, I went 5 miles but I couldn't find the Dam. I will have to make another trip to find the Dam with better instructions.)