Will Rogers Highway

Will Rogers Highway
June 26, 1952, on this location, Route 66 was rededicated as the Will Rogers Highway. This was one of the many ceremonies that took place on the state lines of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California as well as Oklahoma, when a booster caravan traveled from St. Louis, Mo. To Santa Monica, CA. The Caravan was organized by the Natl. U.S. Highway 66 Assoc., Warner Brothers Film Studio, Ford Motor Company, and the Rt. 66 Associations from those eight states.

The original bronze plaque placed here to mark the dedication read:

Will Rogers Highway
Dedicated 1952 to Will Rogers
Humorist - World Traveler - Good Neighbor
This Main Street of America
Highway 66
Was the first road he traveled in a career that
led him straight to the hearts of his countrymen.


West on Route 66 from Texola, near Texas border. Texola is south from I-40 Exit 1.




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