Historical Fort Reno

Historical Fort Reno
Fort Reno, a military camp in 1874, was established to protect the personnel at the Cheyenne & Arapaho Agency. In 1875, the commanding officer was authorized to select a site for a military post. First known as the "Camp Near Cheyenne Agency," the location was named Fort Reno in honor of Major Jesse Reno in 1876. The cavalry and infantry stationed at Fort Reno played an important role in the transition of the area from Indian Territory status through Oklahoma statehood. United States Cavalry units, including the Buffalo Soldiers (the 9th and 10th U.S. Cavalry), and the Cheyenne & Arapaho Indian Scouts maintained the peace on the central plains until the turn of the century. The Fort Reno troops helped extract the "Boomers" from the Unassigned Lands of Indian Territory prior to their opening for settlement through the 1889 land run. The Fort Reno soldiers also assisted with other land runs in 1892 and 1894.


Site selected by Gen. Philip Sheridan
Established 1874

Placed by the El Reno Chapter
Daughter of the American Revolution 1926BR>


Fort Reno Visitor's Center 7107 W. Cheyenne, El Reno, OK
- 4 miles west of El Reno on Route 66
- 2 miles north of exit 119 of Interstate 40




Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day through Sunday, Christmas Eve through New Years Day.

National Register of Historical Places:

Fort Reno *** (added 1970 - District - #70000529)
3 mi. W and 2 mi. N of El Reno, El Reno

Historic Significance: Event
Area of Significance: Communications, Military, Native American,
Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899
Owner: Federal
Historic Function: Defense
Historic Sub-function: Fortification
Current Function: Agriculture/Subsistence, Education
Current Sub-function: Research Facility

More Pictures:

FT. Reno FT. Reno

Ft. Reno Visitor Center

FT. Reno

Officers Quarters - 1876

FT. Reno

Officers Quarters - 1876, 1936

FT. Reno

Officers Quarters - 1891

FT. Reno

Adjuntant Office - 1876 , 1936

FT. RenoFT. Reno

Chapel - 1944

FT. Reno

Reno Q.M.
Post Chapel
May 28, 1944
Colonel Paul H. Morris
Commanding Officer
Major J.E. Buxton
Post Engineer
A.T. Wines
Associate Engineer

FT. Reno FT. Reno

Calvary Barracks - 1934

FT. Reno

Guard House - 1887

FT. Reno FT. Reno

Commissary - 1885,1886

FT. Reno

Ordinance Magazine - 1885

FT. Reno

Officers Quarters - 1887

FT. Reno FT. Reno

Ft. Reno
Quarter Master

Fort Reno Marker Fort Reno Marker

Fort Reno
Old Post about 2 mi. N. U.S. troops encamped near Cheyenne Agency
in Indian uprising 1874. Site s.w. of Agency
selected by Agt. J.D. Miles and Capt T. Wint,
established as permanent post in July, 1875, and named for Gen. Jesse L.
Reno who died in action in Battle of Antietam., 1862.
Post abandoned Feb. 24, 1908. Reserve was U.S. remount station to 1949