Elias Boudinot

Elias Boudinot
Kulakenna "Buck" Watie, brother of Stand Watie, took the name of his benefactor, Elias Boudinot of New Jersey. After completing his education, Boudinot signed the Treaty of New Echota (Georgia) in 1835 that provided for the removal of the Cherokees to Indian Territory. He was clerk of the Cherokee National Council and editor of the Cherokee Phoenix before removal. After he came west, Boudinot was assassinated on June 22, 1839, near the Park Hill Mission Press where he was assisting the famous missionary, Reverend Samuel Worcester. **


Located at Worcester Cemetery at Park Hill, Oklahoma


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** Information from Oklahoma Historical Society

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Looking into some information on the Trail of Tears, I ran across some editoials of Elias Boudinot.