Korn to Corn

Korn to Corn
Corn has it roots in the Cheyenne-Arapaho Land Run of 1892. Native Americans had earlier been able to choose their sites. Soon after a Mennonite Missionary at Shelly Took note of unclaimed land and invited German-Russian Mennonites of South Central Kansas to homestead in this area. Thirteen arrived and selected land along. Coffee Creek, Two miles west of present Corn. By fall of 1893, forty families had settled. More families came in 1894-1895. They brought the Turkey Red Wheat which would bring Oklahoma into the Wheat Belt of America. Present day Corn's Post Office opened at this site April 4, 1903 in the G,B, Flaming Store west of the Washita Mennonite Brethren Church. Eugen Forbes had earlier (1896) petitioned form Korn's Post Office north of this present site.

Founding Dates
Korn's Mennonite Brethren Church 1893
Bergthal Mennonite Church 1894
Korn Bible Academy, One of Oklahoma's oldest Parchial Schools opened 1903
Korn's name anglicized to Corn 1918
Washita County Enterprise Published in Corn since. 1920
the First Corn High School Senior Class graduated 1933
Calvory Baptist Church 1949
Corn Incorporated Aug. 18, 1954

Descendants of Corn's Pioneers Have funded this memorial

Oklahoma Historical Society 232-1998


Location : Cordell, Ok East on OK 152, 15 miles to Ok 54 left 6 miles, left on Ok 54 A 3 miles, marker is in small park on right cormer of Main and Dewey.




Murial on Side of Corn Building

Corn Memorial Plaza In Tribute to Corn's Pioneers Korn

Centennial Celebration 100 Corn Oklahoma 1903-2003 Town of Corn, Oklahoma Centennial Celebration August 28-31, 2003

Corn Memorial Plaza Centennial Celebration 100 (seal) Pavilion and Names on Bricks of Sponsors of Plaza.

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Korn to Corn Korn to Corn