Alfalfa Count

Alfalfa County sits on the Kansas border in the north-northwestern part of the state. The county was formed at statehood in 1907 from Woods County, Oklahoma Territory. It was named after William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray, president of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention who would later become the first Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Oklahoma's ninth Governor. Cherokee, Oklahoma, is the county seat, the county's largest city, and is in the center of the county south of the intersection of State Highway 11 and State Highway 8. Other notable towns in the county include Aline, Carmen, Goltry, Helena, Jet, and Lambert in the southern half of the county and Amorita, Burlington, Byron, and Ingersoll in the northern half. Alfalfa County is home to Salt Plains State Park and the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. The area is known for its unique 11,200-acre salt flats, where you can dig for selenite crystals.

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