Our New Site Is Up!

We’re happy to announce we launched the latest version of the Exploring Oklahoma History website this week. Our new site is cleaner, simpler, and more responsive. We tried to make it so it’ll work well on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

You may notice our site as been scaled back a bit. We narrowed down it’s focus to just our Journal (blog), This Day in Oklahoma History, and the Oklahoma Historic Places Database. We’ve retired and archived many of the other sections of our previous site, such as the reference links page, map links page, and the ghost town and cemetery databases. Those were just not being updated regularly, and the decision was made to not include them in the redesign. We've made the ghost town and cemetery databases available for download, so that information is not lost. And many of the reference and map links we've collected over the years will be shared through our journal and shared on social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit).

Your feedback is always welcome. Please just leave a comment below or contact us through social media. We hope you’ll enjoy our new site.

Labor omnia vincit